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Current research projects

Part M Housing Collection of Data on New Build Properties. This Project started January 2005

Guild of Ironmongers Research Project. This Project started November 2004

Legibility and Conspicuity of Emergency Escape Route Signs. This project started in July 2002.

Design for all of a hospital portal. This project started in January 2002.

Lighting the Homes of Visually Impaired People. This project started in November 2001.

Inclusive Transport Environments: Colour Design, Lighting and Visual Impairment. This project started in July 2001.

Introducing Assistive Technology into older people's homes. This project started in October 2000.

Acoustic Aspects of Space for Sensory Impaired People. This project started in October 1998.

Completed research projects

DPTAC Access Directory of Design Guidance.

Project Crystal - Deafness Design and Communication in the Built Environment.

Emergency lighting (EEWP) for visually impaired people. The findings from this Project are available as a BRE Information Paper.

Lighting in an office environment and task lighting for visually impaired people.

Access, Information and Navigation Support in the Labyrinth of Large Buildings ARIADNE.

Emergency escape route lighting systems in smoke, overhead lighting and way guidance systems.

Project Rainbow - Colour Selection and the Visually Impaired - A design guide for building refurbishment

Other research activities

Geoff Cook is leading a new National Forum of Research into Lighting, Emergency Lighting & Wayfinding for Sensory Impaired People.

Publications List

Full list of publications from 1994 onwards

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