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Dr Andreas Behnke












Dr Andreas Behnke

Andreas Behnke joins the Department in 2006 after academic posts at the University of Stockholm, the LSE and Towson University, Maryland.  His research interests include Critical Security Studies and the Concept of the Political in contemporary security analyses; Culture and Identity in International Relations, with a particular focus on NATO and the West in the post-Cold War era;  Globalisation and Security, in particular the emergence of global 'terrorist' networks, the effects of Globalisation on the South Asian security complex; and the role of Geopolitik in German foreign policy making.  he has published in Alternatives, Geopolitics, Journal of International Relations and Development, Millennium:  Journal of International Studies, Zeitschrift fur Internationale Beziehungen.  In addition he has contributed several chapters to edited volumes.

Dr Paula Casal


Paula Casal has published articles on a diverse range of subjects, including multiculturalism, animal rights, global justice, procreation, environmental ethics, Marxism and rational choice theory.  Her expertise extends to feminism and social scientific methodology, and her work has appeared in international journals such as Analyse und Kritik, Journal of Political Philosphy, and Public Affairs Quarterly.  Her current projects include a monograph on distributive justice for Oxford University Press, entitled Just Equality, and papers on green taxes.  She was recently a Leverhulme Research Fellow and has also held Visiting Fellowships at the Center for Ethics and the Professions at Harvard University and the Chaire Hoover d'ethique economique et sociale at Louvain-la Neure.

Mr Tony Coates - Contact

Lecturer in Politics.  His research is in the area of political theory and international ethics, with special interest in the ethics of war.  He is the author of Ethics of War (Manchester University Press, 1997) and the editor of and a contributor to International Justice (Ashgate Publishers, forthcoming)

Dr Alan Cromartie - Contact

Lecturer in Politics, with research interests in the history of political thought.  He is the author of Sir Matthew Hale: Law, Religion and Natural Philosophy (Cambridge UP, 1995), the editor of Thomas Hobbes, A Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student, of the Common Law of England (Oxford UP, 2003) and articles including "Harringtonian Virtue:  Harrington, Machiavelli and the Method of the Moment", Historical Journal, 1998 and "The Constitutionalist Revolution: The Transformation of Political Culture in Early Modern England", Past and Present, 1999.

Professor Sandy Ghandhi - Contact

Professor of Law, with research interests in the international law of human rights and public international law.  He is the author of The Human Rights Committee and The Right of Individual Communication and Practice (Ashgate Publishers, 1998) and "The Universal Declaration at Fifty Years:  Its Origins, Significance and Impact" in German Yearbook of International Law, 1998.

Dr Jonathan Golub - Contact

Lecturer in Politics, with research interests in national and international environmental policy, judicial politics in the EU and European integration theory.  Among his recent publications are "The Politics of Judicial Discretion: Rethinking the Interaction Between National Courts and the European Court of Justice, "West European Politics, Vol. 18, No. 2, April 1996, and "In the Shadow of the Vote? Decision-making in the European Community", International Organization, 53, 4, 1999.

Professor Colin Gray - Contact

Joined the Department in 2000.  Has held academic posts at the Universities of Lancaster, York (Toronto), British Columbia and Hull.  Worked in the USA for a number of years, initially at the Hudson Institute and then as founder and director of a defence think tank in Washington D.C., during which time he served for five years in the US Government (Reagan Administration).  He has also served on the British Labour Government's Strategic Defence Review, and currently advises the Royal Navy.  Interests include modern strategic studies, US foreign and defence policy, and the history of strategic ideas.  He is the author of 21 monographs, 100 book chapters and over 300 articles in journals ranging from World Politics to Joint Force Quarterly, as well as many reports for Government.  His recent publications include: Modern Strategy; The Second Nuclear Age; and Strategy for Chaos: Revolutions in Military Affairs and the Evidence of HistoryThe Sheriff:  America's Defense of the New World Order; and Another Bloody Century:  Future Warfare
Mr John Jackson


Visiting Lecturer, John Jackson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of War Studies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.  Before joining the Academic Staff at Sandhurst in 1991, he spent 27 years as an Officer Tutor in the British Army, preparing Officers for entry to Staff College.  He served in posts as far apart as Northern Ireland and Hong Kong.

Professor Christopher Lord


Professor Lord joined us from the University of Leeds.  He is author of several books on the European Union, including most recently, A Democratic Audit of the European Union (2004) and Democracy in the New Europe (2006 with Erika Harris).  He has held several ESRC grants and now holds a European Union Framework 6 grant to continue his work on the democratic performance of Union institutions.  He welcomes PhD proposals on any aspect of the institutions or policies of the EU.

Dr Catriona McKinnon

























Dr Catriona McKinnon studied philosophy at University College London from 1989-1999, when she was awarded her PhD. She has taught in the Politics departments of the Universities of Exeter and York before joining the faculty at Reading. Research interests are in contemporary political philosophy, the theory and practice of toleration, equality and distributive justice, the values and ideals of welfare policy, cosmopolitanism and global justice, and political liberalism, and she has published papers and taught courses in all these areas. Most recent research includes: a monograph - Liberalism and the Defence of Political Constructivism (New York: Palgrave, 2002) - which defends a form of political liberalism using self-respect based arguments; a paper justifying the ideal of cosmopolitan hope in the face of common cynical rejections of it (‘Cosmopolitan Hope’, Harry Brighouse and Gillian Brock (eds), The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2005)); a paper and co-edited volume of a journal exploring the philosophical credentials of justifications of welfare-to-work (‘Basic Income, Self-Respect, and Reciprocity’, The Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2003; and Philosophical Justifications of Workfare, Special Issue of The Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming). She is currently in the final stages of writing on a book on toleration to be published by Routledge (December 2005). Future research plans include an exploration of the idea of hope as a political concept, and a project addressing the possibility and demands of international toleration. Dr McKinnon is the editor of the journal Imprints: Egalitarian Theory and Practice (www.imprints.org.uk)


Dr Geoff Sloan
Dr Geoff Sloan joins us as the Director of the Graduate Institute of Political and International Studies from Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth where he was Head of the Strategic Studies and International Affairs Department.  He was formerly a visiting Professor at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, USA and a Defence Fellow and Senior Associate Member at St Antony’s College, Oxford University  .His research and teaching interests include Geopolitics and Geopolitical Theory: The development of Geopolitical Theory in the Twentieth Century, Geography, Geopolitics, Strategy and Statecraft, Mackinder's Heartland Theory - Its relevance in the Twenty First Century.   Intelligence and Intelligence Theory:  The role and function of Intelligence as the "missing dimension" in International Politics, The British Intelligence Campaign in Ireland 1919-1921, The decision-making relationship between policy makers and an intelligence community.  Doctrine and Military Effectiveness:  The role of doctrine in preparing the armed services intellectually for war, The role of open debate in producing doctrine, All arms/joint co-operation and doctrine.

Professor Peter Woodward - Contact

Professor of Politics, with research interests in African and Middle East Politics, and regional security in North-East Africa.  Recent publications include The Horn of Africa:  Politics and International Relations (IB Tauris, London, 2003) and the editor of British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Africa, Part II, Volumes 25-20, 1996 and Part III, Volumes 1-5, 1998, Part IV, Volumes 1-4, 2002.










Dr Dominik Zaum



Dominik Zaum is a lecturer in International Relations with research interests in the United Nations, peace operations, post-conflict peacebuilding and international transitional administrations.  He was previously a Research Fellow in International Relations at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and worked for the Office of the High Representative on Bosnia, and the Lessons Learned Unit of the EU Mission in Kosovo.  His publications include The Sovereignty Paradox: The Norms and Politics of International Statebuilding (OUP, 2007) and The United Nations Security Council and War (OUP, forthcoming), co-edited with Vaughan Lowe, Sir Adam Roberts and Jennifer Welsh.




Mrs Caroline Walter - Contact

Secretary and Admissions Officer for the Graduate Institute


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