Dr. Vincent Savolainen

Molecular Systematics Section

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Surrey TW9 3DS



Tel: (+44)20 8332 5366

Fax : (+44)20 8332 5310

Email : v.savolainen@kew.org


Professional Experience

Visiting professor, Institute of Ecology, University of Lausanne, CH, 1998-99

Curator (50%), Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Geneva Bot. Garden, CH, 1997-99              

First-Assistant (50%), University of Lausanne, CH, 1996-99

Biologist, Geneva Botanical Garden, CH, 1996-97         

Post-doctorate fellow, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, 1995-96

Research Assistant, University of Geneva, CH, 1991-95



The European Commission, Outgoing International Marie Curie Fellowship to N. Ronsted, 2005-2007, €155,375

The Leverhulme Trust, Academic Interchange Network Grant (coPI, w/ J. Hawkins PI), 2004-2007,  £107,020

Enterprise Ireland, Research Grant (w/T. Hodkinson [PI] & J. Sexton), 2003- 177,000 euros

The Darwin Initiative (PI, w/G. Reeves), 2003-2006, £116,187

The Leverhulme Trust, Research Grant (PI, w/W. Baker & F. Balloux), 2003-2004,  £59,989

Roche Research Foundation, 1999, CHF 30,000

Swiss National Science Foundation (PI, w/A. Chautems & R. Spichiger), 1998-2001, CHF



Professional Service

Associate Editor of Systematic Biology and Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (2004-)


Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

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