Plan of Action







Plan of Action


Overall Objective:

To protect and enhance the biodiversity and economic value of pollinators throughout Europe

The EPI aims to integrate and co-ordinate local, national and international activities relating to pollination into a cohesive network in order to safeguard the services provided by pollinators across the continent.


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The Plan of Action contains four elements:

1. Assessment – quantifying the loss of pollinators in Europe and the risks associated with the loss of pollination services


Assess declines in pollinators and the services they provide across Europe

Determine the economic value of pollinators for key crops

Establish the conservation status of Europe’s pollinators

Identify the drivers of pollinator loss

These assessment objectives are already being pursued through the ALARM project

2. Adaptive management – Identifying the best management practices and technologies to overcome declines in pollinators and the services they provide

Facilitate new research collaborations to secure funding for strategic research

Identify and promote best land-use and conservation practices to restore and protect pollinator communities

Secure pollination services to European crops by developing sustainable pollinator management

Develop alternate species of pollinator for management

3. Capacity Building – Build and strengthen alliances and expertise in Europe to increase the benefits from pollination


Coordinate existing activities to maximise effectiveness

Build European taxonomic capacity for pollinators

Construct effective networks to exchange information on pollination

Train the next generation of researchers and taxonomists

4. Mainstreaming – Supporting national plans for the conservation and sustainable use pollinators, and increase the awareness of governments, industry and the public.


Provide the relevant science to underpin policy development

Advise policy makers on pollinator issues

Introduce awareness of pollinators in to education

Educate land managers, farmers and conservationists European Pollinator Initiative Coordinated by: Centre for Agri-Environmental Research    Reading University, PO Box 237, RG6 6AR, UK