Surveys such as the ones carried out for this report are only possible with the generous co-operation and support of a number of people. Firstly, in this case the RSPCA provided funds for the salary of Dr. Kossaibati to undertake the study. Secondly, The University of Reading provided the facilities and resources via DAISY - The Dairy Information System to obtain access to the data. Thirdly, the data itself is kindly and generously supplied by the farmers and veterinarians who use the DAISY program.

There are several thousand herds now using DAISY via the 300 or so sites. Studies such as this need herds which record all their health and fertility data in detail and who have been doing so for many years. The number of herds that do record at such a high level is growing and so studies of this type should become even more comprehensive.

While Dr. Kossaibati worked on the DAISY data he was ably supported by all the DAISY team at the University. The help of all those involved in this co-operative effort to define standards in animal health and to identify ways of improving the welfare of dairy cows is gratefully acknowledged.