Sensory Calibration

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Sensory cues have an unknown mapping to properties of the world we wish to estimate and interact with. Despite this fact, our sensory systems exhibit expert skill in predicting how the world works e.g. knowledge of mass, gravity and object kinematics.

Recent research from the lab has shown that sensory predictions, based on internal physical models of object kinematics, can be used to accurate calibrate visual cues to 3D surface slant.

This shows how "high-level" knowledge of physical laws can be used to interpret and explain incoming sensory data.

Scarfe, P. and Glennerster, A. (2014). Humans use predictive kinematic models to calibrate visual cues to three-dimensional surface slant. Journal of Neuroscience, 34 (31), 10394-10401.

Click here for a copy of the paper and here for a discussion of the results.

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