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The experimental work in the group is primarily aimed at determining the type of representations that observers might build up as they move around and carry out different tasks. There is now a wiki from our lab to explore issues in this area (click here for a link).

A number of discursive papers from the lab discuss alternatives to 3D reconstruction as a basis for visual representation. 

  • Glennerster, A. (2013). Representing 3D shape and location. In Dickinson, S. J. and Pizlo, Z. (eds.) Shape perception in human ans computer vision. Advances in computer vision ans pattern recognition. Springer, London, pp. 201-212. link & preprint
  • Glennerster, A., Hansard, M.E. and Fitzgibbon, A.W. (2009). View-based approaches to spatial representation in human vision. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5064, 193-208. link
  • Glennerster, A., Hansard, M.E. and Fitzgibbon, A.W. (2001). Fixation could simplify, not complicate, the interpretation of retinal flow. Vision Research, 41, 815-834. link
  • Glennerster, A. (2002). Computational theories of vision. Current Biology, 12, R682-685. link & preprint

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