Image-based navigation

Image-based Navigation

Navigation by multiple 2D images, instead of 3D reconstruction.

Cue combination

Cue Combination

Combining multiple cues of depth into a single percept.

Expanding room

Vision and Touch

Combining information across the senses.

Movement control

Sensory Calibration

Calibrating cues to provide accurate information about the world.

HMD calibration

Display Calibration

Calibrating a Head Mounted Display for correct viewing.



Internal representations of space, navigation, etc.

Latest News from the Lab

Dr. Peter Scarfe was recently filmed for a CBBC program called "Technobabble". The focus of the program was the use of virtual reality, the aim being to encourage more children to get interested in science and technology. This is a current aim of the UK government. For information about the program, including video, click here.

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Experiment: A Game of Boxes

Click on the link below to investigate first hand one of the experiments currently being conducted in the lab. Learn about the experiment, visualise the data and contribute to the analysis.Click here for Game of Boxes


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