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What do you enjoy most about studying at the University of Reading?

Both the University of Reading and the Reading town centre are really pretty places, which creates a lovely environment to live and study in. My interest of Politics, and Social Science attracted me to my degree, International Relations and Economics. We have really passionate lecturers and academics, who are really keen on helping us to expand our knowledge and give suggestions. Teachers as well as friends make me really enjoy my life in Reading.

What do you enjoy most about living in Reading itself?

Reading as a town provides us with a really peaceful, clean and sociable environment to live and study, with many options for shopping, food, and communication, which is really convenient. Also the Thames River across the town centre gives us a really beautiful view just to hang around with friends or have picnic around. In addition to that, with Reading as a main commercial junction, it is really easy for everyone to go to London. It's only 25mins on the train, or going to most of the airports (Gatwick, Heathrow) with a direct train/bus takes only about an hour to an hour and half.

What difficulties have you encountered? How have you overcome them?

As a student from China, I am really far away from all my friends and family in China, which sometimes make me feel a bit homesick. But I stayed in halls in my first year of University, and that made me feel more at home. Also I tried to join many University societies (Music Society, and Table Tennis Society), doing all different sort of activities with my new friends, being in the committee in both societies since second year, and try to make all the new members enjoy it as well.

Have you got any tips for students who might come here?

As a Chinese student, even I have been in England for 6 years, but I still miss Chinese food a lot sometimes, so trying to learn how to cook a bit of Chinese food before you come would be helpful. Luckily we do have many Chinese shops or takeaways around, so you can get most of the ingredients you want almost all the time.

What activities would you recommend to others?

Society or Sports Clubs would be a good choice for you, if you want to get in to the culture, and making new friends quickly. No matter what you do, what you like, there is normally something suit you.

Me and my team mates have won the SVC2UK competition, more details are on University Press Release:

We are also on BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Breakfast!

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