The Henley Full Time MBA


At Henley, we passionately believe that tomorrow's outstanding leaders and great business professionals not only need to acquire practical skills and business acumen - they also need to be immersed in an environment that is dedicated to making them the very best they can be. At Henley we create a learning environment that is focused on you. The Henley MBA will harness your business intuition and empower you to apply it intelligently. We will help you reflect on the knowledge you acquire and gain a bigger picture of business and the wider world. Our MBA is a personal one, we will get to know you and be with you on every step of your journey. It is unique - and that is why we are proud to call it the Henley MBA.

Your outcomes

  • A globally-recognised MBA from the world-famous Henley Business School
  • Career acceleration
  • A deeper understanding of global business best-practice
  • The confidence to take on new challenges - and succeed
  • Access to a top-tier worldwide network of 30,000 alumni.

Get where you want to be, faster

  • Unique, collaborative and personal applied learning approach
  • Focus on international business, leadership and corporate reputation
  • Leading international faculty at the top of their game
  • International study visit option (at additional cost)
  • Applied business project or an in-company project
  • Emphasis on personal development
  • Career-focused with dedicated support and advice
  • Based at Whiteknights campus, University of Reading.


The Full-time MBA programme is structured in three consecutive stages. The programme is based on a modular format consisting of at least nine core modules and an elective. Examples of elective areas could include: corporate finance and governance, international business, brand management, international real estate management, international human resource management, enterprise information management.

Each module will comprise of a number of teaching sessions alongside group work and individual study. Modules in stages 1 and 2 will have an assignment and an examination. Two core modules in stage 3 will be assessed by assignment. Elective modules will have a variety of assessment methods.

At the end of stage 3 you will have the opportunity to attend a week-long study visit to an overseas location, where Henley has a developed network and strong footprint. You will also have a choice between completing a dissertation or carrying out an applied business project. Students who opt for the project will take an additional elective in stage 2.


Stage 1: Managing the organisation

  • Managing human resources
  • Operations management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
    Stage 2: Making choices
  • Management in an international context
  • Strategy
  • Elective module
    Stage 3: Making a difference
  • Leadership and change management
  • Corporate reputation and responsibility
  • International study visit
  • Final project or dissertation


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