Foundation Degrees

At Reading, you can undertake Foundation study in a number of ways. If you are working, you might like to consider one of our non-residential FDEd/FDSc Foundation degrees which enable you to combine academic study with work-based learning.

FDEd/FDSc Foundation degrees are intermediate, work-related higher education qualifications. They are designed in conjunction with employers to meet skills shortages and combine academic study with work-based learning.

Students follow their chosen programme at one of the University's partner colleges and - to meet the work-based learning requirements -are usually employed or volunteering in a relevant field. Students graduate with a University of Reading qualification. On successful completion, Foundation Degree graduates may revisit their career options or choose to progress to further professional qualifications or to an Honours degree.

Depending on the subject of study, a full-time programme will normally take two years. The full-time Foundation Degrees which the University offers have a high proportion of work-based learning, and so are not 'full-time'- in the traditional, class-room based sense- much of the learning will be done whilst at work rather than at college. Many students are employed full-time whilst studying these programmes, and are still able to complete within two years.

Some programmes, however, are only offered on a part-time basis and students can usually expect to complete these over three years. For more information contact the relevant College.

How to apply


If you wish to study on any of the full-time programmes, as defined above, you will need to apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) and quote the relevant UCAS course code, University of Reading institution code (R12) and campus code. There are a number of UCAS codes and campus codes for each programme depending upon which college you plan to study at. Please contact the appropriate College for further information, details of which can be found on the relevant course pages

Part-time study

To study part-time on any of the part-time programmes you should apply direct to the partner college concerned. Please contact the appropriate College for further information.



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