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Statue at the Peace Palace, The Hague

In addition to the three research workshops, the project included two research seminars.  This page gives details about these seminars and also about research events related to the project's themes that were attended by a project member.





Project research seminars 

Research seminar one

The first research seminar took place at Foxhill House in the School of Law at the University of Reading on 18 November 2011.  The seminar featured a paper by a long-time project contributor, Mr. Michael Lieberman (Steptoe & Johnson LLP), entitled "New Legal Approaches to Nonproliferation: Transnational Cooperation and Enforcement".  The session was chaired by Dr. Robert P. Barnidge, Jr.



Research seminar one - Mr. Michael Lieberman



Abstract for research seminar one

Speaker's notes for research seminar one


Photos and feedback:


"I found it a very clear exposition of the ways in which nuclear proliferation is being and should be regulated internationally."

Lieberman research seminar 4Lieberman research seminar 1 


"Subtle, well-informed, illuminating and challenging!"



Lieberman research seminar 3



"A thought provoking seminar raising important issues about the need for, and potential of, regulatory and enforcement networks in controlling the global growth of nuclear technology.  I learnt a lot."


 Liberman seminar pic 3



"I found the seminar to be insightful and thought provoking. Michael tackled issues surrounding nuclear energy agreements from a different perspective to how the subject had been previously discussed, which is an advantage of having outside speakers. Michael also discussed a difficult topic in a clear manner which made it easy to understand his points. I came away with a few new ideas that may well be the basis for future research." 


Research seminar two

Research seminar two was also hosted at Foxhill House in the School of Law at the University of Reading and took place on 14 March 2012.  Prof. Daniel H. Joyer (University of Alabama School of Law) presented a paper entitled "Iran's Nuclear Programme and International Law".  The session was chaired by Dr. James A. Green.



Research seminar two - Prof. Daniel H. Joyner



Abstract for research seminar two

Handout for research seminar two - extracts from the NPT


Photos and feedback:


"Daniel Joyner delivered a timely and interesting analysis of Iran's compliance with its international legal obligations in respect of its nuclear development programme, advancing a refreshingly objective evaluation of this thorny issue. The seminar attracted participants from a range of disciplines, which added an additional dimension to the question and answer session."


Joyner 2

Joyner 1










Joyner 4









"The research seminar...was indeed an opportunity not to be missed. The session was not only informative but also thoroughly engaging and deeply thought provoking. A truly worthwhile experience inciting wide discussion amongst those attending."

Joyner 5









"The final session in the 123 project was a fascinating discussion and very topical. The introduction and recognition of the contemporary political context within which nuclear proliferation issues are framed helped to shed new light onto much of the rest of the project, as well as addressing issues of fundamental importance." 



Related events 

The International Conference on Non-Proliferation and Disarmament 2011

The Peace PalaceThe Fourth Annual International Conference on Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, entitled "Nuclear Dilemmas: Present and Future", was held at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 30 August 2011. 

 nuclear conference in the hague








This conference was jointly organised by the T.M.C Asser Institute and the governments of the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.



Programme for the Conference on Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

Remarks by Mr. Kanat Saudabayev

Speech by Prof. Uri Rosenthal


Although the conference was not strictly a "project event", it involved numerous research themes that were directly related to the 123 Agreement project.  Dr. James A. Green attended the conference on behalf of the project.


International Law Association seminar

ILA Seminar VenueOn 29 February 2012, the International Law Association (ILA) British Branch, in conjunction with Edwards Wildman Palmer UK LLP, hosted a seminar presentation by Prof. Daniel H. Joyner. The ILA seminar was entitled "Interpreting the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: How the Nuclear Have's Keep the Nuclear Have Not's from Having" and broadly set out the thesis of Prof. Joyner's book Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Oxford University Press, 2011). Daniel Joyner book


The seminar was held at Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, Old Broad Street, London, and was chaired by Dr. Antonios Tzanakopoulos.





Flyer for the ILA seminar

Handout for the ILA seminar - extracts from the NPT


Again, this seminar was not a "project event", but its direct substantive relevance meant that Dr. James A. Green attended on behalf of the project. 

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