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In addition to its research aspects, the 123 Agreement project also included a collaborative teaching element.  As part of the project, postgraduate students at the University of Reading had the opportunity to study the 123 Agreement (and other aspects of international nuclear law) from 2009 to 2012.  The topic was taught by all of the project members in Reading and has been studied by LLM, MRes and MA students.




A sister teaching programme was also run at the Post Graduate Departments of Law, the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai, India.  This was similarly taught by project members in Chennai.





Students who produced exceptional papers while studying the 123 Agreement in Reading and Chennai were given the opportunity to present their work at one of the project workshops, and all students were given the option of publishing their papers on this website (on the "Project documents" page). 

Professor Manohar  











Although the project has now finished, its teaching initiatives have led to continuing student development well beyond its lifetime.  Notable examples include:

  • Ms. Kymberley Freedman, who is working on a PhD thesis provisionally entitled "To What Extent are Non-Party States Bound by NPT Obligations Under Customary International Law?" at the University of Reading. Kym previously studied under the auspices of the 123 Agreement project as an MRes student. Her doctorate is being supervised by project members Dr. James A. Green and Dr. Robert P. Barnidge, Jr.
  • Ms. Erika Hennequet, who is undertaking a PhD project that is provisionally entitled "Les Atteintes au Traité de Non-Prolifération Nucléaire et la Reconfiguration du Régime de Non-Prolifération" at the Centre d'Étude du Droit International de Nanterre (CEDIN) in Paris, France. Erika previously studied as an LLM student at the University of Reading, under the auspices of the 123 Agreement project.
  • Mr. David Giles, who had previously studied under the auspices of the project, went on to complete an LLM dissertation at the University of Reading directly related to the project's themes. The topic of David's dissertation was "To What Extent Have the Obligations Under Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Been Fulfilled?". The dissertation was graded at distinction level, and is available in full from the 'Project documents' section of this website. David's dissertation was supervised by Dr James A. Green.


Special teaching event one

On 31 March and 1 April 2011, a two day collaborative teaching workshop was held in Chennai.  Project members from Reading and other invited guests were involved in teaching Chennai-based students with colleagues from the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University.  This event was extremely successful and involved both interactive teaching sessions and roundtable discussions between staff and students.



Schedule for special teaching event one

Seminar handout for Dr. James A. Green


Photos and feedback:

poster2"The participation of the students in the talks and the discussion...was great, providing for new enthusiasm and ideas."

123 discussion



 teaching longshot


"An excellent opportunity for the exchange of ideas between staff and students."






 teaching group picture












Special teaching event two

Students studying on the International Law in Theory and Practice module at the University of Reading were treated to a special teaching seminar on 18 November 2011.  The guest tutor for the session was long-time project contributor Mr. Michael Lieberman  (Steptoe & Johnson LLP), who took the lead in a discussion seminar entitled "The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime and the U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement".



Readings for special teaching event two

Discussion questions for special teaching event two


Photos and feedback:


"I think Mr Lieberman was a very lucid and clear lecturer…he was very focussed and direct and made sense of the material from a practical perspective..."

Lieberman teaching 6Lieberman teaching 4







"Guest tutor Michael Lieberman gave a very interesting and informative seminar on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime and the US-India Nuclear Agreement. I found the topics of discussion were extremely well presented and were very engaging."

Lieberman teaching 5

Lieberman teaching 1


"[The] seminar has led me to consider researching the area of nuclear proliferation more thoroughly."


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